PBT Farm Management

Quality farm management for both large and small farm and ranch property owners

  • Why use services from the "Farm Management Division" of Peoples Bank?

    • Personalized service and communication to landowners, including timely inspection and reporting.
    • Farm managers have a high level of both experience and expertise in agricultural production and management.
    • Management services are specifically tailored to the objectives of the individual landowner.  
      • Return on investment
      • Resource conservation
      • Farm lease negotiation
  • Our farm management team provides service in more than crop production areas.

    • Care and conservation of vital natural resources including wildlife, water and minerals.
    • Managers also have a high level of expertise in range management of livestock grazing systems.
    • Minerals are often an important part of property management.
  • Our successes always involve a good working relationship with tenants.

    • More valued services which we provide when we manage your property.
    • Asset Evaluation - How is your farm or ranch performing?
    • Accounting and record keeping of all income and expenses.
    • Development of a better crop marketing plan.
    • Protecting your income stream with Crop Insurance.
    • Guide your farm through all the government programs and regulations.
    • Farm Lease Negotiation
    • Consistent Communication

Who are our Farm Managers?

Sale Ladd

Dale Ladd
Assistant V.P. Agriculture

Dale joined our farm management team in 2012. Prior to working for PBT Farm Management, he served landowners and tenants as a county Extension Agriculture Agent for 35 years. He has a high level of experience in lease development, production practices, native grass management, and conservation of natural resources.

office: 620-241-5023
cell: 620-245-4015

Keith Tucker

Keith Tucker
Farm Manager

Keith graduated from Kansas State University in 2013, with majors in agribusiness and agronomy, and comes to us with a strong background in agriculture. He grew up near Lyons and has been involved in production agriculture his whole life.  Prior to joining the PBT Farm Management team, Keith was an agricultural loan officer in Moundridge.  Our clients, tenants, and others with relationships to our farm management department enjoy working with Keith.

office: 620-241-5023
cell: 620-680-2087