Frequently Asked Questions

  • Banking

    Q How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?
    A After your Peoples Bank & Trust checking application has been approved, you will receive Peoples Bank & Trust’s routing and transit number and your account number. If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide this information to the human resources or payroll department at your company and your direct deposit will usually begin within thirty days.

    Q How do I set up Direct Deposit of my Social Security check?
    A After your Peoples Bank & Trust checking application has been approved, you will receive Peoples Bank & Trust’s routing and transit number and your account number. Simply call 1-800-772-1213 and have your social security number and account information available to set up your direct deposit right over the phone.

    Q How would I go about closing my account?
    A We hope you stay with us, but just in case, we make it very simple to close your Peoples Bank & Trust checking account. For ways of contacting us, please visit our Contact page.

    Q Can I do all of my banking with Peoples Bank & Trust?
    A Yes! Thanks to the convenience of Direct Deposit and ATMs, everyday-banking activities can be done from the comfort of home. Contact us with questions about your banking needs.

    Q Are wire transfers possible to and from Peoples Bank & Trust checking accounts?
    A Yes! Funds can be transferred to and from Peoples Bank & Trust accounts by wire transfer or via ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits or credits. Call our customer service department for details.

  • Online Banking

    Q. How do I access Online Banking?
    A. After your Peoples Bank & Trust Account has been opened, simply click on “Enroll” under the login information area on the home page of our website. Fill out the information and submit the form, once we have processed your enrollment you will receive instructions on what to do next!

    Q. How frequently is my Peoples Bank & Trust information updated?
    A. Peoples Bank & Trust updates all customer information nightly. Whether you access Online Banking, 24 Hour Telephone Banking, or contact us directly, your account information is updated nightly to reflect all account activity.

    Q. Can I look at all of my transactions at any time?
    A. Yes, with Online Banking and the 24 Hour Telephone Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    Q. How does bill payment work?
    A. To help you understand the process, watch this video.

    Q. How long does it take to set up a new payee in the bill payment system?
    A. Only minutes! Once you fill in your payee’s information you are ready to send your first payment.

    Q: After I make a bill payment, how long does it take for the money to be debited from my account?
    A. The funds will be debited electronically from your account on the day your payment is scheduled to be made. For example, if you schedule a payment to be made on Monday, you will see your account debited for that amount the same day, usually around 4:00 pm.

    Q: How long does it take for a payment to reach the payee?
    A. A payment that is delivered electronically, or by ACH, will credit the payee's account within 1-3 business days; whereas, a paper check by mail may take up to 10 business days.

    Q: How do I actually use the Electronic Bill Payment System?
    A. User guides and help videos are available in the Tutorials section of our website. Step-by-step instructions can be accessed from the Help section within Online Banking.

  • Online Statements

    Online Statements are perfect for customers who prefer to view their statement electronically. We'll send you an email each month, notifying you when your statement is available online. You simply log onto internet banking, click on Transactions then Statements and you can view, print or save your statement.

    Q What are Online Statements? 
    A It is an electronic version of the paper statement you receive in the mail. It looks exactly like your paper statement except it’s electronically delivered to you.

    Q Why would I want to receive Online Statements? 
     Online Statements arrive sooner than a paper statement and they reduce the amount of mail you receive.

    Q Can I receive a paper statement as well as Online Statements? 
     No. After you sign up for Online Statements you will no longer receive the traditional paper statement.

    Q Is there a charge to receive Online Statements? 
     No, it’s another FREE service from Peoples Bank and Trust.

    Q Are my Online Statements secure and safe? 
     Yes. Online Statements offer secure transmission of information throughout the Internet. Your statement is stored behind firewalls and is transmitted to your Internet browser using 128-bit encryption. It can only be accessed with a Password, that only you know.

    Q When will my Online Statements be available? 
     Your Online Statements will be available by 8 a.m. Central Time the business day following your regular statement cycle. Business days do not include Saturdays and Sundays. Effective May 2023, statement information will be available for the last 24 months.  This will build over time to 24 months, until you see a running 24 months.   

    Q Where can I store my Online Statements? 
     You can store your statements on your PC, to a disk or CD.. Helpful Hint: For added protection, you may want to Password Protect your statements.

    Q How do I sign up for Online Statements? 
     It’s easy. Once you are signed into your internet banking go to Transactions and choose Statements to complete the registration. Once the Online Statement enrollment is processed your statements will be viewable the next business day.

    Q Do I need any special PC set up to receive and view my Online Statements? 
     No. You just need a PC, Internet connection, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Q How do I receive my Online Statements? 
     You will receive an email when your statements are available. Just sign into your internet banking at or the Web Statements website to view and print your statements.

    Q Can I get my Online Statements emailed to me instead? 
     No. Email is not secure and we want to insure your statement is protected.

    Q If I don't receive or I delete my email notification, can I still receive my Online Statements? 
     Yes, simply log onto your internet banking or the Web Statement website to retrieve your previous statements.

    Q What if I want to cancel my Online Statements? 
     You can switch back to a paper statement at any time. Just call 877-998-2100 or stop by any Peoples Bank and Trust location to cancel your Online Statements.

    Q What if my email address changes? 
     To change your email address click on user options in the Online Statement section.

  • Security

    Q. I'm still hesitant about banking online. Can other people see my account information?
    A. Your account information is just as secure as it is at your physical brick and mortar bank. We've taken every step possible to be sure our system meets the latest security standards, including using the latest security encryption methods and software.

    Q. What about filling applications out online? How secure is that?
    A. Filling out applications online is as secure as the Online Banking System. Your entire session, from beginning to end, is encrypted. Our system supports 128-bit encryption, so you can also use the latest browser from Netscape or Microsoft that supports this security level. In fact, the highest encryption Netscape and Microsoft browsers support is 128-bit, so you will be using the highest bit encryption currently available if you use a 128-bit encryption capable browser.

    Q. I keep hearing a lot about encryption? What exactly is it, and why does it make everything more secure?
    A. Encryption is basically a way to rewrite something in a code which can then be decoded later with the right key. The encryption we use employs a mathematical process for the key which is made up of a certain number of bits (hence, 128-bit encryption). The higher the number of bits, the better the encryption. While using our Online Banking System, all communication from you to the system and from the system to you is encrypted using a maximum of 128 bits. In other words, when you send information to the system, your browser encrypts it using a 128-bit key, then sends it to the system. The system then decodes the information you sent it using the key (which is predetermined when your Online Banking session is started) and processes it.

    Q. What about information that is stored? Is it encrypted as well?
    A. Information stored on our system is also encrypted using at least 128 bits.